Perks of a 40 year old cleaning business

Posted: 2020-10-12


When companies, such as St. Pancras Station, hire you for return jobs – you know you’re doing something right! We at Surrey Cleaning Services believe only providing the best of the best service is key to leaving a lasting impression on our customers. On our jobs, we also take the opportunity to take some incredible photos; whether it be of our incredible results, or simply the surroundings we are in.

Operating in a team of two (or sometimes even one!), we work tirelessly to ensure that you are left with a big smile on your face. Our belief is that the customer deserves the best, from the best. It’s also great to receive feedback or even better, recommendations! There’s nothing better.

So, what are the perks of being in the Cleaning Business?

Results; we absolutely love to see what cleaning magic we have performed when observing a job before, and after. Also, as seen from the photo, we get to see beautiful sights from a variety of places. It’s also really nice to meet new people on the job – making sure that we really build that customer-service relationship for dealings in the future.

Why should you come to us?

As a cleaning company, we have been established since the 1980s. We’ve learnt what’s not so good, as well as what is good when it comes to carpet and hard floor cleaning. Being in the business for this long comes with a certain level of reputation, with a lot of local customers using us for years!

So, don’t delay and inquire today on 01483 566802. Or find us on Facebook at Surrey Cleaning Services to see plenty of results from our jobs.